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Medici (2012) by Konstantin Grcic for Italian producer Mattiazzi was released at Milan design week 2012.


Designed to allow the user a range of different positions, Pro by Kostantin Grcic for German manufacturer Flototto was presented at IMM Cologne 2012.

New stools made from a concrete fabric by German designer Florian Schmid.

Clip (2006), a folding timber chair  by Berlin designers Osko + Deichmann for Moooi.

Inspired by nomadic Bedouin tribes, the Bidoun series by German designer Katrin Greiling for Dubai brand Traffic.

A chair Werner

A steel tube and wire chair for indoor or outdoor use, the A-chair is made by L’abbate and was designed by Werner Aisslinger.  The range includes stool and lounge seats with or without seat pads.

KarbonA limited edtiion chaise longue in carbon fibre by Konstantin Grcic, Karbon (2008) is produced by Galerie Kreo.

houdini black

Stefan Diez has designed the Houdini chair for German brand e15.  Side and armchair versions were launched at Milan design week.

Houdini chairs


Presenting Monza by Kostantin Grcic for Italian company Plank.  A beautifully spare design with, to me, more than passing resemblance to the Coen by Michael Young.