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Homerun (2011) is a chair range inspired by cartoons by Belgian design Sylvain Willenz.


Gothic (2011) by Belgian designers Studio Job is a plastic chair produced by Moooi.


Waiting room seating with a domestic edge, Modular Seating (2009) by Belgian designer Marina Bautier.


A outdoor seat in the image of an upturned paper shopping bag.  Designed by Gitta Gschwendtner, Bag Stool is produced by the Belgian company Quinze & Milan.

boo_06Plywood chair with pockets and containers incorporated, Paparazzi by Belgian designer Bram Boo.

lc03_soloBelgian designer Maarten van Severen’s Low Chair 2003 (or LC03) for Pastoe looks invitingly comfortable, notwithstanding its minimal lines.  But, just to be  sure perhaps, the Dutch maker launched a rather nice sounding option for felt upholstery and cushions at Interieur o8 in September.




Designed in response to the dilemma of those who need an extra chair at hand while collaborating at the computer, the Chaise & Tabouret by the young Belgian Marina Bautier.