Stream is new sofa system designed by Arik Levy for a Dutch furniture brand.


Made from a single Canadian tree of oregon pine, wood ring bench is the creation of Dutch designer Chris Kabel.

Snoopy (2012) is series of sofas designed by the danish design partnership Iskos-Berlin.

A sofa, an armchair, a sofa-bed, Sosia (2011) designed by Emanuele Magini for the Italian brand Campeggi.

Gothic (2011) by Belgian designers Studio Job is a plastic chair produced by Moooi.

A portable stool by Scandanavian design Mattias Stenberg, Carry-on was just launched at Stockholm furniture fair 2012.

Inspired by returnable, gang locked shopping trolleys, Share, a portable park chair by Thomas Bernstrand for Nola, was launched at Stockholm furniture fair.

Spin (2012) is A stacking stool for Swedese by Staffan Holm.

Launched at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2012, Osterlen is a new timber chair by French designer Inge Sempe’ for Swedish company Garsnas.

New for Italian company Kristalia, Compas is an indoor outdoor stacking chair by French designer Patrick Norguet.