Medici (2012) by Konstantin Grcic for Italian producer Mattiazzi was released at Milan design week 2012.


Castor (2012) is a stacking chair in oak by Swiss designers Big Game for a Japanese brand.

By Swedish designers Front, Gentle is a new chair for Italian brand Porro.

Pack (2012) is a series of two flat-pack stools by Takehomedesign.

Smallroom (2012) is a privacy sofa, available in various lengths and back heights, by Dutch designer Ineke Hans.

Watching you is a paper chair by Koji Sekita design.

Kale’ (2012) by Mario Ferrarini for Italian maker Living Divani.

Homerun (2011) is a chair range inspired by cartoons by Belgian design Sylvain Willenz.

Produced by B&B Italia, Terminal 1 (2008) is a day bed by French designer Jean Marie Massaud.

Elisabette (2011) is an armchair by French designer Sam Baron for the Italian brand Casamania.